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J – Jesus is God. Jehovah God.

C – God is the center and circumference of who I am. He is also my creator and made me with strengths and weaknesses. In my own power and with my talents I can only go so far. With God as my center, filled with His Spirit, I can go SO FAR. And with God as my circumference, all that He created me to be and the legacy He wants me to leave is spread wider than what my feeble abilities could ever achieve.


I – God is my inheritance. I Peter 1:4

K – God is the keeper of promises. God’s promises abound in the Bible. Our family began to write them on 3×5 cards every time we discovered a new one. We’d read one each day and claim it for that day. This custom became our testing ground for God’s promises. Now, we not only trust in His promises because the Bible tells us they are true, but we have proven them in our own lives.


February 4, 2011 at 11:36 AM (Edit)

H – Jesus is my hiding place. Isaiah 32:2

C – Jesus is my constant companion.
Christian writers have said that men and women are created with a “God shaped vacuum” inside them. I’ve never found a Bible reference to substantiate this, but I have experienced it.
I asked Jesus to live inside me and take over my life. And, praise the Lord, He did! I’m no longer alone when I wake in the middle of the night. When I’m sobbing inside, He comforts. If I’m in the turmoil of indecision, He counsels. When I’m lonely for company and someone to talk to, Jesus is waiting, reaching out to me.
Oh, Lord, I’m so glad I’m no longer alone inside this person that is me.


G – Jesus is God. John 10:30

R- God repairs. The list is long. He repairs souls, wounded hearts, sinful natures, our bodies, marriages, relationships . . . But God also repairs computers. I spilled a cup of chai tea on my computer! I had ten years of writing on that computer which, carelessly, I hadn’t stored to a flash drive. Does God also repair foolishness? I turned my laptop upside down to dry out. That night sleep alluded me. I knew I could trust God with this practical issue in my life, I just didn’t know which way it would go. Would all my work be destroyed? Would I have the courage to start over? Or would God blow his breath into my keyboard, repair it, and give me a new chance? I’m writing on the same laptop! God repairs.


F –God fights for my soul.

L – God lowers. One Saturday morning my son (who has Williams Syndrome and is now 31) went for a walk with me and I suggested we praise God together by using the ABCs. I was delighted at how deep his faith had grown, and that he could identify words for particular letters. But I became confused when he announced for the letter “L”: “God lowers.”
“Really,” I asked, “What does He lower?”
“He lowers my steam.”
I heard his response as, “He lowers my esteem.” Since God doesn’t lower one’s self-esteem and I was sure he knew that, I asked, “What do you mean God lowers your esteem?”
“You know, Mom, I had that frustrating day at work this week. I was like a tea kettle ready to boil over, but I asked Jesus for help, and he lowered my steam.”

E – Jesus is the source of eternal life. John 17:3

Q – God quells storms in me and around me. My friend Sandy was recovering from a stroke when she learned she needed to have a stent placed in a blood vessel in her head. The placement of the stent caused her to lose some of her vision. She’s a writer and as a result of the surgeries and vision loss she has been unable to write. “God quells storms” was on the Q page of the Dictionary of Praise booklet I’d given her, but Sandy added “in me and around me.” God quelled the storms of fear and uncertainty as she faced many unexpected and unwanted challenges. And He quells the storms of uncertainty for her future.

F – God finds things. A few posts back I wrote about God finding our son’s sweater. There’ve been many finds since, but my most recent is surely the best. Shortly after I wrote the post, my husband’s hearing aids went missing. We’d searched for three weeks, brainstormed logical and illogical places they might be, but no-find. I decided to check his car which he’d already scoured three times. With flashlight in hand, I got down on the floor of the garage and laid my head on the car floor in front of the driver’s seat. Praying to my God-Who-finds-things, my heart took a big gulp when the light revealed a small black leather pouch leaning against the black runner of the car seat. God did it again—a $5,000 find!
As I walked this morning, I was thanking the Lord, anew, for finding so many things over the years, when the biggest find of all occurred to me. I felt foolish for not recognizing it before. God found me! Easter 1976, God came and found me, broken and in need of a Savior. He told me about His Son, Jesus. And I believed. I praise God for the gift of salvation.

D – God defends the weak. Zechariah 12:8TLB

U – God uses me for His purpose. My mother is 93 years of age. She still lives on her own, but only drives to the grocery, the bank, and her hair dresser. She is one step away from a shut-in. She is also of the generation that doesn’t talk about her faith. I’d given her the little booklet, My Dictionary of Praise, and during one visit when she’d gone into another room, I picked it up to read what was written. She’d made a considered effort to write something for each letter, but the one that knocked me off my chair was, “He uses me for his purposes.” A 93-year-old lady knows, deep inside her, that if God is choosing to keep her on this earth, then He still has use for her. Wow! I hope I have that confidence and depth of faith when I’m 93.

C – God is my constant companion. Matthew28:20

B – Jesus is my banner. When I first heard this term for God, I smiled. It comes from the name Yahweh Nissi in Exodus 17:15. But it wasn’t until I went to a parade that I realized why the term made me feel so good. The band members marched with chests out, playing their best. Others carried a banner in front of the band announcing the name of their school. I, too, can march, head held high, because the God of the Universe is my banner!

January 3, 2011 at 3:26 PM (Edit)

B – God is the breath of life (Genesis 2:7) and the bread of life (John 6:35).

F – God is the finder of things. Our son was three years old and I’d lost his best sweater. I’m very organized, so I knew it would turn up. I checked all the logical places, but after several days, it hadn’t surfaced. Normally it wouldn’t matter, but our son has Williams Syndrome, and, at the time, I felt overwhelmed with the challenges. I treasured this sweater because, in it, he looked his very best. Finally, I asked God to help. Within the hour I discovered the sweater wedged behind his bed. My amazement and delight at realizing God cared about such a small thing remains with me to this day – twenty eight years later. God continues to help me find things.

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